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Are you struggling to find your place in life? Would you like to learn a better, more effective way? I am ready, are you?

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

To create leaders and mentors who are decisive and deliberate in positively asserting  their inner strengths to finding a beautiful, purposeful, and abundant life. 

Our Mission

To provide achievement-oriented coaching that inspires and guides motivated people to be their best in life. We accomplish this through confident personal experience, focused attention to personal engagement, and driven dedication to living by visionary business principles.

About Us


Sean Stradling, Executive Director/Owner CCAR CRC, CPC, NCRC

We offer a Community-Based Experiential Recovery Coaching Program. Our real time/real world application model has been found to be effective and successful. All of our clients are given an individualized program to help them move forward. 

I spent most of my life in the vicious cycle of addiction. I was suicidal. I felt lonely, lost, hopeless...I felt dead inside. I was tired of all of the chaos and destruction surrounding me. "What was wrong with me? Why can't I stop? I must be destined to live out my life this way?" I was suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. I have found freedom from my past. With hard work, determination, and discipline, long-term recovery has become my reality. I have found the keys to success for myself with the assistance of love, compassion, and guidance from various programs and numerous human beings. Life experiences have molded me into a qualified and strategic tool to help you find success as well. Through constant self-awareness and self-appraisal, I become the best version of myself everyday. All I had to do was ask for help. I will guide and steer you down a path of searching for the belief, the passion, and the desire to change. You do not have to go through this alone. If you are suffering from drug abuse, a Recovery Coach/Life Coach can offer assistance while you seek the skills necessary to succeed in life.


~ CCAR CRC (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery Certified Recovery Coach) ~ CPC (Certified Peer Counselor)- Certified with the Department of Social and Health Services of Washington State ~ NCRC (National Certified Revovery Coach)- The Addiction Academy ~ Most important...LIFE EXPERIENCE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE F




"Learn to take off the masks. Who are you?" What drives you in your life? What set of limiting beliefs are you still struggling with? Is it time in your life to start getting clear on what you want? Could you find all the positives and negatives around you with greater perspective and insight? 


"What is out there to help you help yourself?" Do you have what it takes to find what you need? Do you know how to ask for what you need? How much change in your life could you implement with clarity of your thoughts? Can you identify and close gaps in your life that are hindering your personal growth?


"What do you stand for?" What principles and values do you live by? Do you honor yourself with honesty? Are you capable of being honest with your word and doing what you say you will do? Can you look at yourself in the mirror, and are you content with what you see? What are you doing when no one is looking?


"It will not be easy, but you must not stop." Have you found the internal fortitude to never give up? Can you look up at the mountain top and find the path to get there? Do you know how to empower yourself and others? Are you ready to become the leader that you were destined to be?


"With laser precision, you will succeed." With knowledge, courage, judgement, decisiveness and tact, you will begin to maneuver in your life like a skilled master. Are you ready to set goals, take the appropriate actions to obtain those goals, take full accountability of your actions, and live by your set core values?




"Sean has made a great impact on my life and my recovery. I am a gay man and he made me feel welcomed and comfortable. At every corner and milestone, Sean was there to support and guide me, just like family. And for that, I am grateful. I have two happy years of being clean and free. Thank you Creator, and thank you Sean Stradling for being a great friend of mine."



"I went into rehab full of fear, remorse, regret, confusion, and desperation. I wanted to leave. Sean said, 'Shake my hand, and tell me you will give it a week.' In that week I found recovery as a viable option, a possibility. Sean has been there for me through thick and thin. Whether it was for congratulatory situations, or support when I relapsed, he never faltered on showing me absolute compassion and empathy. He has had a major influence in my life."



"I met Sean in 2014. He took his recovery seriously and I wanted what he had. He helped me get a sponsor, he guided me, and he made me look at life differently. He told me to get involved in recovery. Times when I wanted to give up, Sean was there for me. He showed me a new life without drugs and alcohol. I am truly blessed to call him my brother. If it wasn't for his wisdom I would be in prison or dead. I truly love this man."

believe in yourself



Are you still in active addiction? Are you in recovery and having a hard time reintegrating back into life? Do you find that no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to get ahead? If you do, then let me help you. 



Learn the skills necessary to find your inner strengths, overcome any obstacles, and walk on the path that will be most effective for you to obtain your goals. Do not let your fears run your life any longer!



With honesty and integrity, we will walk on this journey together. Recovery from addiction is possible. You will claim the title of success. You will know triumph. You will taste victory. 

Do You need ADDITIONAL services?

Michael Gonzales, CIP/CPI/CTP/AIS


National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

AA Hotline (Spokane, WA) 1-509-624-1442

NA Hotline (Spokane, WA) 1-509-325-5045

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